Illegal GPS, In Your Vehicle.

Are Your Being Tracked?

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Reasons, Signs, Warning You May Have A Illegial GPS On Your Vehicle. You Maybe Tracked or Followed..

What To Do If You Find A Tracking Device On Your Vehicle. Office Hours, Location Information.

General Information - There are a number of reason someone will track your location. Without your permnission it is illegal. This page is to inform indivuduals how to find an illegal GPS. Contact Me by Email:

Without your Permission,
Someone May Be Tracking Your Location.

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It Could Happen To Anyone.

I have consulted with a Licensed Private Investigator who assisted me with this information so my clients and the public can be informed what could/may occur with Internet dating and online relationships. This is just a brief article on Online Identity Fraud.

An Illegal GPS In/On Your Vehicle.
It Could Happen To Anyone.


General Information.

Florida Supreme Court rules police must have warrants to use GPS trackers on cars - January 23, 2012 - A U.S. Supreme Court decision dictates police in South Florida and the rest of the state can no longer secretly install GPS trackers on cars, without a judge's permission.

Florida Statute 934.425 will be officially implemented which makes it illegal to install a GPS tracking device and software on private property, without permission from the property owner. Anyone charged with violating Florida's new anti-GPS-tracking law faces second degree misdemeanor charges.

Another reason more states like Florida are implementing these restrictive GPS tracking laws is the Supreme Court case United States v. Jones, 132 S.Ct. 945, where SCOTUS decided that the use of tracking devices, without a warrant, violated Fourth Amendment prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizure.

Generally Speaking - A legal GPS is if a parent, husband or wife who has ownership of a vehicle. They can track the vehicle. Some states require permission of the person. Police may have a warrant to track your vehicle with a GPS device. Dealerships, rent-a-car agencies have GPS devices in their vehicles. Please check your state statutes for clarification.

An illegal GPS is when someone without ownership of the vehicle inserts, or attaches the device, without your permission.

Finding and locating a GPS in a vehicle may be easy. Identifying the owner of a GPS is not.
In the absence of legislation in most states, putting a GPS device in someone's car, is considered to be legal if that the person placing it shares ownership of the car.

1. If a GPS tracker was installed in your car, try to remember if someone had access to the vehicle, or not. This is important because if no access was granted, most likely the tracker had to be inserted outside the car interior and/or underneath the frame.

This is what we consider a ground level insertion. Considering the insertion has to be quickly accomplished, it's not an easy task. Most likely the GPS is battery powered and can only remain on the vehicle for 7-30 days.

2. If you want to locate it yourself, then you may need to think like the tracker. Most often trackers will use the rear of the vehicle, or underneath the rear bumper area.

3. Passive Tracker - A GPS tracker could also come in the form of a passive tracker. This means that the data will be stored in a USB and used later. Such GPS tracking devices are usually installed in a compact gum box like shape and stuck onto the rear of the car.

4. Active Trackers - When ever the vehicle moves, the signal is immediate sent and one can see, via the internet or cell phone. With vehicle access, the active tracking GPS can be hard-wired into your car's electrical system and remain on alert until it is found, removed or it malfunctions.

Individuals and business firms are being targeted with GPs devices. Remember if no GPS is located, you may be tracked by your cell phone.

Finding or Locating The GPS, Things You Need To Have And Use.

Remember one basic rule-- someone had to insert the device and someone has to extract the device. The GPS most likely be the size of a pack of cigarettes, or smaller. Most likely the GPS device was inserted at ground level by the tracker, if they didn't have access to your vehicle.

It is suggested that you take your vehicle to a local service station to have the professional put it on the lift. Always let your vehicle cool down at the service station, you don't need to get burned.

Step 1. The inspector will start at the front drivers side by the tires, look, feel, behind the splashguard, where the cars break are located. They will continue the inspection under the front bumper, feel behind the bumper and use a coat hangar to lightly pull in the areas that a hand cannot fit or a flashlight will not illuminate.

The inspector will look at the front passenger underside, for masking tape or duck tape, a zip lock painted black or a box that seems to be not attached with screws or bolts.

Seeing for recent signs on the vehicle undercarriage road dust, streaks, smudges or prints could indicate a hasty insertion and direct you to the GPS area. Once the front underside is inspected feel, illuminate the under sides of the vehicle.

Next the rear of the vehicle will be examined. Look for the smudges of road dust or tape. At times the GPS could have been removed at the time of the inspection, but there may be signs that someone may have been underneath.

Step 2. For Locating, Finding A Vehicle GPS, Under The Hood.

Normally this area is to hot and too much metal for a GPS to operate effectively, but there could be signs of it's presence. The fuse box would be my first observation. Normally the mechanic can assist you by opening the box. At times, you may see wires from the fuse box.

Normal fuse boxes do not have wires pressed into a fuse circuit. If observed, the inspector will try to follow the wires to their final destination. Another area is the air filter location. This area will keep a GPS ventilated and easy to access. The battery box cover is also a hiding place, but not very practical. Try to remember if anyone had access to your vehicle. Think back if someone wanted to check, or service, your vehicle engine.

Most likely any wires leading to a GPS will be on the drivers side of the vehicle, leading inside the vehicle. Again remember that the device was inserted and the device must be extracted.

Step 3. For Locating, Finding A GPS, Inside Your Vehicle.

The inspector will check the front seats, under the seats, feel the seat covers, under or inside the headrest, glove compartment, feel, look at your door panel's look for smudges or possible sight damage.

The inspector will check under the dashboard. Looking under the dashboard has to be examined slowly; With a flash and mirror one will examine a small section at a time.

The inspector will check the back seats and inside the trunk. They will need time to remove the spare tire. Sometimes the GPS is in or under the spare tire.

Once you firmly believe that their is no tracking device located inside or attached under your vehicle OR you cannot locate it and you still feel that you are being tracked, there are a couple of options that you may want to consider. You Can:

Purchase A GPS Detector From A Variety of Internet Security Sites at approximately $200-$300 bucks. Understand that most active GPS devices go into hibernation mode when the vehicle is inactive and no signal is transmitted.

If You Find A GPS.

If you find an illegal GPS in your vehicle, my first recommendation is to call law enforcement.

Their are certain laws that protect the citizen from this type of activity. All GPS devices will have a manufacturing number or Identification number.

Sometimes the tracker may have removed or obscured the outside tracking identification. But this number is still imprinted within the device.

Do not open the device. Let the law enforcement official, or detectives, contact the GPS Internet provider to obtain whose account it is and the owner.

GPS devices will always have a host and internet provider, which allows it's use. Law Enforcement can obtain this information.

Take a few pictures of the device for your records. Next obtain a police report of the incident and device ownership

Request Law Enforcement that once they completed their investigation, you would like the person arrested and are willing to testify in court.

This Article Should Not Be Considered Legal Advice.  

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